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TRUMP WILL NOT BE SILENCED: Trump Holds Press Event Before Court Slamming

On Thursday, the 12-person jury and a single alternate were finally sworn in for jury service for the upcoming trial of former President Donald Trump thanks to the political ambitions of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D). Bragg somehow dug up expired misdemeanor charges regarding alleged payments to Stormy Daniels, who his predecessor declined to not pursue these charges and Bragg then added on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records or simply put bad accountants.

Trump is the presumptive presidenital nominee for the Republican party and decided to speak publicly about this partisan trial.  He began to read articles from “legal experts” who claim the trial is full of holes and charges should never have been brought, but because some of those experts were on Fox News, the main stream media instantly discredited Trump’s claims.

“I’m supposed to be in New Hampshire. I’m supposed to be in Georgia. I’m supposed to be in North Carolina, in South Carolina. I’m supposed to be a lot of places campaigning,” Trump said to the press. “But I’ve been here all day on a trial that really is a very unfair trial. These are all stories, this is from the last few days.”

“‘Bragg crosses the Rubicon in indicting Trump,” Trump read a major headline. “‘The whopping outrage in Trump’s indictment’… It’s a whopping outrage and it is an outrage. Everybody is outraged by it,” he said . “Jonathan Turley. Gregg Jarrett. Andrew McCarthy. Every one of them saying, they call it a zombie case, meaning it is no case. And they say it’s unconstitutional.”

“It’s political… and it’s a shame. I am sitting here for days now, from morning until night in that freezing room. Everybody was freezing in there! And all for this. This is your result. It is very unfair,” Trump said. “The whole world is watching this hoax. You’ve got a DA who is out of control. You have a judge who is highly conflicted.”

Trump then reiterated that he believes President Biden is “in charge” of these trials against him and said Biden’s “top people are here, working with the DA’s office to make sure everything goes right.”

“He’s the one who should be on trial,” Trump said regarding President Biden. “He’s a crook. You’ve got a crooked president. He should be on trial with all the stuff he has done and his family.  It really is a shame. This country is devolving into a Third World Country.”

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