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Israel-Hamas War Enters Week Three

White House Media Briefing Held By Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

Photo: Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images News / Getty Images

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas is now entering its third week, with developments unfolding on multiple fronts. The White House is actively involved in diplomatic efforts to seek a peaceful resolution to the crisis, particularly in the context of freeing hostages held by the terrorist organization Hamas.

Hamas, in a recent move, released two hostages today, citing "humanitarian grounds." This development marks a potential step toward de-escalation and a glimmer of hope in a situation characterized by tension and uncertainty. The release of hostages is seen as a positive gesture, signaling a potential willingness to engage in discussions toward resolving the ongoing crisis.

However, the situation remains volatile, with Israeli forces conducting overnight airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. These airstrikes are part of the broader military campaign aimed at dismantling the infrastructure and capabilities of Hamas, which has been responsible for orchestrating terror attacks on Israel.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments in this conflict, national security analyst, author, and Chairman of ACT for America (, Brigitte Gabriel, recently joined Joe Pags in a detailed discussion. Together, they delved into the latest terrorist attacks against Israel and what the future may hold for this protracted and complex conflict.

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