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WEAK or BRILLIANT? Israel’s Response to Iran EXPLAINED

Israel has struck multiple targets inside Iran in retaliation for its recent 300-missile attack. But was this limited strike wimpy or brilliant? Former Department of Defense intelligence analyst Jason Buttrill joins Glenn to argue the latter. As opposed to Iran’s massive, but unsuccessful, attack, Israel launched a successful precision attack that showed Iran it could strike the country whenever and wherever it wanted — without Iran knowing. Jason, Glenn, and Stu also discuss why the increased tension in the region is all Biden’s fault. Plus, they review how YOUR tax dollars allegedly went to the families of Palestinian terrorists.

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GLENN: We're dealing with a true ancient evil in the Middle East. It was -- we have Jason Buttrill here, who is main researcher for the Glenn Beck Program and also watches over military operations, and conflicts all around the world for me.

Explain, what happened yesterday, with Israel, and this wuss response from Israel.

Was this the response? Or a response?

What was this?

JASON: This was a brand response, in my opinion.

GLENN: Was it?

JASON: Well, what Israel essentially did. It's kind of -- all three of us. You asked us, what is going to happen?

We were all collectively right. You said, they would strike back at other targets. Which they did. In Syria and Iraq.

But they also struck in Iran. But it's definitely in the Middle East.

The proxy status is dissolving right before our eyes.

The proxy locations. They hit proxy locations. There's not a whole lot of information we do know.

What it looks to me, when analyzing previous attacks, is that these are locations that have been given Iranian weaponry, specifically like cruise missiles, and shorter range missile systems like the kind that hit Israel.

But they also struck near Isfahan in Iran. That's their main missile manufacturing area is right there.

So this was a very limited strike. I would say, maybe a few planes. Maybe a few planes.

They didn't even. I don't even think they launched the missiles from Iranian territory.

Which means probably somewhere over Iraq. They were able to reach up and touch Iran, without Iran knowing a thing about it. And completely destroying the targets they wanted to destroy.

Iran launched 350 plus missiles. Couldn't kill a single thing. Or destroy a single thing. They did this, in such a way, that showed Iran, we could hit you, whenever we want.

You will never know it. And it will be precise.

GLENN: Such a good thing for the people of Iran.

Because you cannot turn the people of Iran.

JASON: Exactly right.

GLENN: They're not part of this.

JASON: No. And there was no collateral damage that we know of, at the moment. This is how you restore deterrents. This is exactly how -- and let's be honest here. This is not a surprise or a secret, that the proxy status is dissolving in front of us.

And that the Middle East is becoming something new and something terrible. This is the result of foreign policy. This is Joe Biden's foreign policy. He went away from the Abraham Accords.

Reengaged with Iran. Coddled Iran. This is what you get. This is exactly what you get, and it is entirely unmet.

STU: And it's interesting too, that there is a level of deescalation here, by Israel as well.

Like, they did -- yes. This is as far as they have gone, right?

But it is considerably less than what Iran tried to do.

JASON: It's deescalation through strength. Iran has no choice, but to go back to their quote and say, we concluded this concluded. They had no choice.

Because right now, you have a bunch of mullahs sitting around the table going, oh, crap. We're kind of screwed here.

STU: Do you think that's what they will do? Are they going to say -- are they basically going to not respond after this?

JASON: I highly doubt against Israel proper. I highly doubt. I think they go back to the way Israel operates. Because they are decades behind Israel. Texting. And it really is jaw-dropping i mean, not only Israel, but the United States, all of our ally allies, how much far ahead we are against this axis of evil, like Iran, North Korea, russia.

They're crazy, and can do some crazy things. But we are way ahead of them. And as this shows, I mean, it really is kind of breathtaking and amazing just how efficient Israel is.

GLENN: So this not will maybe improve your mood much. But according to the Palestinian Authority's official news outlet, the Palestinian General Intelligence Service on April 4th provided a grant for 36 families perform of agency families who died or were in prison, as a result of their involvement in anti-Israel security crimes.

And they paid their families off, with money that came from us.

PAT: Unbelievable.

GLENN: We will pay the families of the martyrs, and they are using American dollars, that we are giving them to reward the martyrs and the families. So you've always got that one going for you.

PAT: Sorry. American dollars. Going to the Palestinians. Hamas.

American dollars going to Israel. As it should be, I believe, right now. American dollars also going to Iran.

American dollars going to Iraq. American dollars that will be spent when we have to deal with a lot of this stuff.

Where is there not the stain of our ridiculous foreign policy, geopolitics, how we teal with the entire region and world?

We're funding every single side here.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And -- and the right side, we're funding, I think, kind of against the government's will.

I think they will cut off the money for Iran. I mean, I'm sorry. For Israel in a heartbeat. If they could. They could get away with it. They would cut it off in a heartbeat.

Look at what's happening around our own country right now.

And no one is saying anything about it. You have people chanting death to America.

Quoting the Ayatollah Khomeini. In -- in large sections, and large numbers of major cities.

You have the campuses. What happened yesterday, in Columbia?

Police had to come in, and shut the whole thing down, yesterday.

We were talking to the -- the consulate yesterday. The Israeli consulate.

What is the university in New Orleans?


It has 50 percent. 50 percent of the population of Tulane, is Jewish. There are protesters there. And the Jewish students, don't feel safe!

JASON: Yeah.

GLENN: And who is doing anything about it?

JASON: That's why. I understand where Israel is coming from.

But I think they need to mass produce the video they showed us yesterday.

It has to be everywhere. It can no longer be ignorance, for you to chant death to America. That has to do with Iran. Iran greenlit the October 7th -- they have to!

GLENN: I asked them.

I said, look, can I put out a general call and say, come to a movie theater, with me?

And you guys can present it. But you can come in.

You know, we'll vet you in advance. So we know who you are.

And see it. And they said, no.

We can't do that.

STU: They just don't want everyone. What's reasoning?

It's disturbing for the families of these people?

GLENN: No. The families in many of these cases. One of the more disturbing things was the attack on the family. And these two little boys.

JASON: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: I mean, it was unbelievable. And the mom survived. And she insisted that that video be included.

She's like, no. No. No, no. The world needs to see what happened to my family.

And so what was it she said? She said, we just can't --

JASON: She said, the people that see it, need to have a reason to see it. Or something like that.

GLENN: Yeah. She didn't -- I think their deal is, they don't want to deal in death. You know, they don't want to be seen as just -- but I have to tell you, it is -- it is -- if we could have seen the death camps in advance.


If the American people could have seen the beginning of the death camps. And the showers. It's not enough to talk about it.

It just not enough.

JASON: I want to see these people continue to protest in that way.

If they have seen that part of the video and just a quick narration, these terrorists march into a village. They slaughter a dog, that was running up with a happy, wagging tail.

GLENN: Okay. Not an enemy.

JASON: Slaughter the dog.

It was a friendly dog. Then they go through, and you see their body cam turn, as it looks into the screen window. They shoot an old person sitting there in front of the -- behind the window.

You hear them groan and drop. Then you go to this specific voice with the boys. It turns to CCT footage camera.

They're in their underwear. You can tell they're woken up by the gun shots. This is -- the father takes the two kids, hides them. Shields them with his body from a grenade, and he drops instantly. Then the two kids are screaming, why am I alive? Is he dead? Why am I alive?

GLENN: Little kids. Little kids. One of them said.

JASON: Six, eight.

GLENN: Yeah, one of them said to the other, I think we're going to die. And the other brother came and comforted him and tried to, you know, heal him. The little kid had lost the vision in his eye. Couldn't see in both. He's gained back his vision now, in one eye. But the other brother was shielding him.

It was shocking!

JASON: And then, what do the terrorists do? They walk through the house, and start rummaging through their refrigerator. Drinking the juice and the Coke and stuff, looking for food.

It's the most animalist thing I've ever seen.

GLENN: And the kids were smart enough to hide. They ran and hid. I don't know where they hid.

JASON: That was God stuff right there.

GLENN: That was. How they got out of that house alive, and hid. When you saw -- you see the entire community. Everyone is dead. Everyone is dead.

JASON: Yeah.

GLENN: I mean, it was -- it's what happened in Poland, in Czechoslovakia.

When the -- when the people would go into towns. And they would put everybody into a church. They would chain the doors. And they would burn it all down.

And every single Jew in the community was dead. That's what it was.

It's shocking. And how these two kids survived is beyond me, other than a miracle from God.

JASON: I spoke to an IDF guy. He was probably in his 90s. And he was in the six-day war. It was in Sderot.

GLENN: Sderot was hit?

JASON: Sderot was hit as well.

GLENN: I've been there.

JASON: I asked him. How the heck did you guys win? He goes, at times, it felt like God closed their eyes and shut their ears. And that quote came back to me, when those two little boys when you see them run around the corner, when there's terrorists everywhere.

GLENN: There's CCTV footage on this whole area. And so you can follow the kids.

And they're running -- as soon as they leave the door. I don't know. Nobody spoke during this thing. But as soon as they opened the door, I'm like, don't do it. Stay inside. Stay inside.

And they run out. And then you see them running in an open space, between houses. And there are guys just shooting everything. Shooting everything.

And they just run and snake around, and they're not even -- they're kids. They're not trying to be, you know, low to the ground or anything.

They're just running like little kids run, in an open field.

And somehow or another, nobody saw them to kill them.

It's --

STU: Wow. They were survived.

GLENN: They survived. They survived. They survived.

STU: Let me ask you this: How would this play out?

If one of these large protests. The pro-Hamas protests we've been seeing ail around the country.

If you had two thousands of individuals people there, at one of these protests.

And somehow, or one of the big walls nearby, they just played this footage. How does that crowd react to it?

GLENN: That crowd will start saying, very soon, that this is all deepfake.

Let me give you --

STU: They would deny it.

They would be won over. And see the horror.

GLENN: Maybe some would.

The hard cores definitely won't. Hard cores definitely won't.

Let me just give you, this is the polling from the Palestinian territories of Hamas. This is taken after -- after October 7th.

95 percent of the Palestinians when asked, do you think people around you, will forgive what Israel did in this war some day?

This is -- this is asked like October 10th.

No. We will not forgive at all. Seventy-five percent of Palestinians are extremely supportive of the military operation led by Hamas on October 7th.

76 percent of Palestinians. Somewhat positive. Very positive view of the roll of Hamas. 97 percent of Palestinians have a very negative view of Israel.

97 percent, very negative view of the role of America.

84 percent of Palestinians have a very positive view of the roll of Islamic jihad.

74 percent. When presented with a choice of a two-state solution. Or a Palestinian state. From the river to the sea.

74 percent say, river to the sea. When asked about their own preference for the party, who should be in control?

60 percent said, Hamas.

85 percent -- 85 percent, responding to the videos. No. I'm sorry.

93 percent, responding to October 7th.

93 percent said, that they were fine.

That Hamas didn't commit any atrocities. On October 7th.

93 percent, no atrocities!

And you can't tell me, it's just because they didn't watch the videos.

A lot of these videos came from their own video channels.

That everybody is accessing.

And the people on the streets, know exactly what was going on.

JASON: That's the wrong question.

Because they don't consider killing Jews atrocities.

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