Washington Spot Named Among The 'Best Coastal Small Towns' In America

USA, Washington, lighthouse on cliff

Photo: Gary Weathers / Tetra images / Getty Images

Coastal towns are a great getaway for all sorts of travelers. History buffs, beach lovers, and small-town travelers can get something out of these underrated spots. Restaurants, downtown strolls, and outdoor adventures on the water are some of the main draws of these charming locations. Fewer crowds also mean more time and calm to appreciate everything these seaside communities offer.

If you're craving a waterside excursion, USA Today recently revealed the best coastal towns in America. These entries were nominated by an "expert panel" before readers voted on which ones were worth the visit.

A well-known town in Washington State was featured on the list: Long Beach! This humble destination is all about chill views and countless opportunities to explore either the coastline or the Pacific Northwest wilderness. Writers detail what you can look forward to in Long Beach:

"Not to be confused with the Southern California city, Washington's Long Beach is just as relaxed, albeit with a different vibe (and somewhat chillier weather come winter). People-watch on the boardwalk, go birding or biking along their nature trails, take a leisurely lighthouse tour, check out the unique World Kite Museum, or just go restaurant-hopping — the choice is yours in this quaint seaside spot."

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