Woman Dies After Falling 50 Feet From Old Seattle Refinery

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Photo: Getty Images

A woman died after falling roughly 50 feet from an old Seattle refinery she climbed with her friends, according to the city police department.

Seattle Fire pronounced the victim dead upon arrival on Saturday, September 17. She hasn't been publicly identified.

Police say the woman and her friends were climbing an old structure in the middle of Gas Works Park when she fell through an opening in the walkway. Authorities suspect no foul play in the victim's death.

Gas Works Park is a popular place for both tourists and locals to get a great view of Seattle and Lake Union. There's a play area and barn, but other areas of the park are restricted to public access, including the old refinery.

"This area is fenced off and closed to the public, however people periodically break through the fencing and climb on the structure anyway," officers wrote in a police blotter.

Washington state has seen other tragic deaths recently. A Minnesota man lost his life after diving from a steep cliff into a popular lake in Olympic National Park. Then, there was a Seattle man who possibly died while hang gliding. He reportedly crashed into a 30-feet-high tree, and first responders pulled his unresponsive body from it.

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