The Highest-Rated Restaurant Serving Fried Rice In Seattle

Healthy Homemade Fried Rice

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Fried rice is amazing comfort food if you're looking for a quick meal or a companion to a hearty entree. Seattle is full of restaurants ready to serve you their take on fried rice, so which one is the best? Yelp has the answer to that.

After searching for "Best Fried Rice" in Seattle and filtering by the highest ratings, Vientiane Grocery claimed the top spot!

Located at 3828 S Graham St., Unit C, this deli is known for selling Laotian cuisine and delicious crispy rice dishes. One of them is nam khao, a crispy rice salad typically packed with fresh ingredients like sausage, peanuts, cilantro, and much more.

One Yelper, Mary N., gushed about her experience at Vientiane Grocery:

"This place is great!! Truly a hidden gem in South Seattle. Haven't checked out any of their store products however I can attest the food is awesome. The Lao Sausage is so so tender and I ordered the spicy one. The Nam Khao is super refreshing with the veggies it comes with and flavors of lime. Together, it is a perfect pairing. Really appreciate these Southeast Asian flavors and will certainly be back."

Here are the Top 10 Seattle restaurants serving fried rice:

  1. Vientiane Grocery
  2. Sunny Teriyaki 
  3. Huong Duong (Beacon Hill)
  4. Mei Mei Cafe (University District)
  5. Spring Roll House-Deli (Little Saigon)
  6. Pop Pop That Street Food
  7. Nesai Teriyaki 
  8. Biang Biang Noodles (First Hill)
  9. Pestle Rock (Ballard)
  10. Kimchi House (Ballard)

Check out the full list on Yelp.

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